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Electronic Consumers — Celebrate the Consumption!

New Hardware For Smartphones Increasing Durability

No smartphone owner wants to discover that their small, handheld mobile device is so frail that it will break at the drop of a hat. Smartphones take a beating on a daily basis, which is why smartphone manufacturers need to build these devices with durability in mind. Image Courtesy of Flickr Many of the recently released smartphones are designed to include new hardware that increases their durability. Here is a look at some of the durability tests smartphones, like LG cell phones, are put through to determine if their hardware is able to withstand the rough and tumble treatment smartphone … [Read more...]

Must Have Gadgets for 2012

Every year, new electronic gadgets are introduced that enhance the quality of our lives and bring us closer to the world around us. Modern gadgets are more intuitive and user-friendly than they have ever been. For 2012, here are two must-have gadgets that you should consider if ever you plan to upgrade your gadget collection: 1. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF700T Tablet Image from Flickr The 2012 Asus TF700T is the perfect intermarriage between a tablet and a laptop. Consumers no longer have to lug around ten screens while they are on the move. With Asus TF700T you can easily … [Read more...]

The Power of Persuading Online Gamblers

Every online gambling provider wants to get their message or sales pitch to online gamblers with confidence. Moreover, they don’t just want to persuade you and get a very favorable response from you, they want to sustain your interest in their services for as long as possible. The play of words is basically the power they have in their hands to get you convinced. The Art of Persuasion Persuasion is an important skill to learn. It is generally useful in countless situations because this is instrumental in influencing and winning people over. In online gambling, the positive outcomes … [Read more...]

Essential Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Gamblers

Tech-savvy gamblers can’t do without effective tools and gadgets that can enhance their gaming experience. However, doing a simple online research won’t get you far in finding gadgets that suit your needs. If you want to spend less time searching online and more time gambling, this short list of essential gadgets and tools for tech-savvy gamblers will surely come in handy. Automated Poker Table While automated poker tables are quite expensive, it is great for wealthy players who are planning to host an exciting game of poker at their home. Each player gets access to a touch-activated … [Read more...]

Ways to Get the Best Protection in Sending Documents

Your documents are vitally important, not only for you but for everyone you work with. While most documents sent from legally aware individuals such as attorneys feature a disclaimer at the bottom, the weight that a disclaimer holds is sketchy at best. But one great way to send your documents and keep them well protected is to send them via fax. Of course, most people think that faxing died when the land line went the way of the Knights Templar. Those people are sadly ignorant. Faxing Isn't Dead While it's true that most people have never sent a fax and the old method of faxing is becoming … [Read more...]

5 Must-Have Gadgets for Traveling College Students

Are you one of the millions of college students who travel long distances to visit friends and relatives? If so, there are a few items you need while making that long trek home and back again. Chances are, you have a laptop computer and a cell phone, but a few other gadgets make the journey safer and more enjoyable, especially if you find yourself waiting for a delayed flight or a broken down rental car. Here are five things no college student should hit the road without.   A quality digital camera is fun to have when you see interesting things while traveling, but it is also a … [Read more...]

Make Your Move With Muve Music for Android

From time to time, we have seen how Android technology perks up our lives with music. Music enhances our feelings and can make us feel sentimental. From movies to real life events, we experience the effect of music on our emotions. Good news from Android: You can now do and feel the same thing with their latest mood-maker music playlist. Muve Your Emotions The Muve Musis phone for Android is built around Muve Music, a handy service where you can subscribe to download unlimited songs monthly. By pairing it up with Muve Music, you can easily listen to songs on your Android phone. Instead … [Read more...]

5 Innovative Electronics You Need NOW

There is a saying that there's a little child inside each and every one of us. While it can be hard to imagine that the saying is true while you're working two jobs to pay the bills, caring for children and/or aging parents, and trying balance a social life, all you need to do is think about the latest electronics and technology gadgets to see the little child in all of us make an appearance. When it comes to technology and electronics, it is one of those rare areas in life where you'll see adults acting like children. Every time a new gadget or gizmo is released, adults clamor to be the … [Read more...]

Top 7 Funniest Movies of All Time

Forget serious dramas, action movies, and horror flicks. When it comes to great entertainment, comedies are where it's at. If you're looking for an evening filled with laughs, choose from this list of the funniest movies of all time. 1. The Princess Bride If you're looking for a movie that speaks to all age groups, this is one of the best choices you can make. You'll see cameos of a few famous faces while you laugh along with an off-beat fairy tale that tells the story of a reunion between two star-crossed lovers. 2. There's Something About Mary Although there are a few adult scenes … [Read more...]